• Background

    The Centralized Air emissions Repository On-Line (CAROL) is a web-based application that allows users to query and map annual toxic air emissions inventoried within the Great Lakes region. It is a portal to the most recent emissions data stored in the Great Lakes Commission's Regional Air Pollutant Inventory Development System v.3 (RAPIDS). RAPIDS contains regional toxic air emissions inventory data compiled and quality checked by experts from the eight Great Lakes states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) and the Province of Ontario under the Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory project funded by the U.S. EPA.

    The Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory project has evolved over the years and currently focuses on the identification of point, nonpoint (area), and mobile (onroad and nonroad) source categories that emit one or more of the targeted toxic air pollutants. The list of targeted pollutants has been selected based on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, International Joint Commission's list of Great Lakes critical pollutants, U.S. EPA's list of targeted toxic chemicals and compounds defined in the U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, and those pollutants suggested by the Great Lakes states and Province of Ontario. The data presented here provides critical information needed when developing national and binational strategies and policies aimed at reducing toxic air emissions affecting the Great Lakes basin.

    This is a second version of CAROL, redeveloped by the Institute for Geospatial Research & Education (IGRE), Eastern Michigan University, with the use of open source software: Mapserver, PostgreSQL, JQuery, PostGIS, and Google Maps. The previous version was developed by Pangaea Information Technologies, Ltd.

    The acronym CAROL was coined in memory of Carol Ratza, a Great Lakes Commission senior manager from 1986-97. With unique and innovative vision, Carol created and led development of the Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory, which is one of the region's premiere data and information sharing projects.

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